Updates regarding  City Operations during the COVID 19 event

Beginning February 1, 2021 Traffic Court will be held via ZOOM.  Click here for more information.

Public Records Request may be delayed during the pandemic.  Click here for the Press Release.

City Meetings are being held VIA ZOOM Log in information is on the agendas, and can be viewed on the City’s website. 

Police Reserves

Police Reserves

Police Reserves
The Police Reserve Program provides the opportunity for adults above the age of 21 to serve their community by assisting the Police Department with some of its duties.  The Reserve Officer is unpaid and the program is funded from the police budget and both the department and the individual member furnish the required equipment.

The Reserve Officer, when joining the program, is required to attend a “Reserve Academy” which is put on by the police department and the Columbia Gorge Community College.  This Academy teaches police related subjects as well as in the field exercises such as firearms, traffic stops, searches and a host of other subjects.
 The Dalles Police Reserve Entrance Process
The Dalles Police Reserve Unit is a volunteer group made up of members of our community.  They assist the police department in areas such as traffic control for parades, crime scene security and routine patrol among other duties.  Reserve officers will be issued uniforms and given training on the many aspects of law enforcement to help them in their duties.  Reserve officers ride with regular officers on patrol and may be involved in the same activities that regular police officers get involved in during normal routine patrol.  Senior Reserve officers may be allowed to ride as a double Reserve car with another senior Reserve.
            To become a Police Reserve all applicants must be at least 21 years of age, a US citizen, possess a valid Oregon drivers license, live within 45 minutes of The Dalles, have a high school diploma or GED, have no felony or serious misdemeanor convictions and be employed in an occupation that does not result in a conflict of interest with the department as determined by the Chief of Police.  Applicants must also complete the entrance process listed below.
            The entrance process for Reserve officer consists of a written test, an oral board and an in depth background check.  A minimum score of 80% is required on the written test and oral board.  The background check is a pass/no pass.  Applicants will be notified of results after each step.  After successful completion of these steps, applicants will be scheduled for an interview with the Chief of Police and a drug screening.  This again is a pass/no pass.  Applicants who fail the drug screening will be eliminated from consideration.
            All applicants will be notified by mail of dates and times for each step.  Applicants should include a current address where the applicant will receive mail.  If you have any questions regarding the Reserve program or questions about the background check, you can contact Sgt. Kramer at 296-2613.

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