Enterprise Zone

The Dalles-Wasco County Enterprise Zone is co-sponsored by Wasco County and The City of The Dalles. The Zone Manager is appointed by the sponsors. Enterprise Zones provide property tax abatement to promote economic development in economically depressed areas. The conditions of the agreement must be met each year to receive the abatement that year. There are three abatement levels: 

Three year agreements provide tax abatement on the added value of real property development provided the employer increases their employment by at least 10%. These agreements require County Assessor and Zone Manager approval.  

Four-Five year agreements are "extended abatements." They require the same employment as the three year and adds a compensation requirement. The business must pay on average 150% of the County median income, including benefits. They require City Council and County Commission approval. They also require cash contributions based on the tax savings per year. 

The Enterprise Zone sunsets June 30, 2018.  You must have your paperwork submitted and approved before these sunset dates.

Long-Term agreements are up to 15 years in length. The terms of these agreements are negotiated with the developer by the Sponsors. These agreements also require the employment and compensation levels of the shorter term agreements. The agreement then requires County Commission and City Council approval. 

Enterprise Zone Manager:

Matthew Klebes, Assistant to the City Manager
541-296-5481 Ext. 1150


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