City Council

Mission: Establishing policies to lead The Dalles into the future.


The City Council is the governing body of the City of The Dalles.  Its five voting members and the Mayor set the direction for the City, establishing policies and laws.  Specific voter approved powers for the Council is contained in the City Charter, while Council's own administrative and operational policies are adopted by the ordinance or resolution.

City Council is charged with the appointment of the City Manager, City Attorney and Municipal Judge.  They adopt the annual budget and perform all other actions necessary to guide the government, while representing concerns of the citizens of The Dalles.

The Dalles City Council positions are volunteer and are elected by the entire electorate of the City.  The Mayor and Councilor at Large are elected for two-year terms and the remaining four positions are nominated from districts, serving staggered four-year terms.

In addition to regular meetings, the City Council meets on a quarterly basis to establish, review, and update goals for the City.

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City Council Agendas

City Council Goals 2015

Elected Officials Directory
Mayor Stephen Lawrence 2 year term, expires 12/31/16
Councilor At Large Taner Elliott 2 year term, expires 12/31/16
Councilor, Position #1 Timothy McGlothlin 4 year term, expires 12/31/18
Councilor, Position #2 Dan Spatz 4 year term, expires 12/31/16
Councilor, Position #3 Russ Brown 4 year term, expires 12/31/18
Councilor, Position #4 Linda Miller 4 year term, expires 12/31/16