Updates regarding  City Operations during the COVID 19 event

Traffic Court is closed through January 2021; call 541-296-5481 ext 1124 for assistance.

Public Records Request may be delayed during the pandemic.  Click here for the Press Release.

City Meetings are being held VIA ZOOM Log in information is on the agendas, and can be viewed on the City’s website. 

Codes Enforcement

Codes Enforcement

Mission: To enhance the image and livability of the community through fair enforcement of the City's ordinances, particularly in addressing nuisance abatement processes, work with the citizens to solve problems and resolve issues while protecting property and personal rights and freedoms.


The City has one part-time and one full time code enforcement officers. The full time position involves general community enforcement activities, including nuisance abatement and control of hazardous vegetation. The part time position works on planning and zoning ordinances enforcement issues, including such matters as signs, setbacks, sidewalks, and compliance with conditions of land use approval.

Nikki Lesich, Code Enforcement Officer         Joshua Chandler, Planning Codes Enforcement
Enforces code compliance as per City Ordinances

Citizen Complaint Form

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