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The primary mission of the Urban Renewal Agency is the enhancement of public and private properties increasing the likelihood of investment in the City by any party. In most cases the Urban Renewal monies will be used as matching monies along with grants and private monies enhancing property of the City. The administration of this functionality is also expensed in this fund covering all aspects of money management and planning.

The requirement of the Urban Renewal Agency is the creation of accounting fields collecting and dispensing of monies covering the operation of the Agency. The Capital Projects fund covers all accounting of revenues and expenses in response to the above requirements. All administrative and capital outlay debt is paid from this fund.

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Urban Renewal Agendas & Minutes


Urban Renewal Project Summary 2012     
Urban Renewal Project Pie Chart 2012      
Riverfront Trail  Master Plan       


Current Budget Fiscal Year 2016-17 


CAFR  - Fiscal year ending 06/30/16

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